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Learn more about how to awaken the power within, thru the ancient instruments and sounds of the rhythmic Native American drumbeat and the healing tones of the Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo.

Why We Journey
What is the purpose of exploring a new path? It is to experience an alternative to what is already known. Many times our decisions are created from limited information and driven by our patterns of beliefs and fears. We seek a greater quality of life, sometimes frustrated with life as we know it. A greater quality of life depends upon the interaction of the self-knowledge (knowing), harmony and balance (being), and life purpose (doing).

Across America, the sound of the rhythmic drumbeat and healing tones of the didgeridoo are gaining increased interest for many people. Scientific data documents the benefits associated with these sessions, offering us a way to achieve personal growth, health and well-being. In addition, these workshops are designed to encourage a sense of community.