The future doesn't lie ahead of you waiting to happen. It lies deep inside of you waiting to be discovered. As your facilitator, my intent is to teach the tools you need for self-exploration and self-development. Encouraging creativity and the steps to take action, thus recognizing your fullest potential. You are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive, and use your abilities. When doubt and fear obscure our thoughts, we stay within the comfort zone, "the box". Disassociating from a certain fear or feeling and replacing it with new, allows choices based on your desire and a new truth to form.

Benefits for Personal Enrichment:

  • Create a better understanding and connection
    with yourself
  • Expand your potential
  • Explore other perspectives
  • Empower yourself to take "Action"

"The journey with drumming experience is an outstanding blend of extensive knowledge gleaned from Native American folklore, Shamanism, Meditation, and Search for Self. Laurie fully and compassionately demonstrates this openheartedly, and is nurturing of each individual's journey. Laurie dream weaves each session into an experience that fully assists each participant in acknowledging and growing into their own truth, by allowing everyone to express their reality without judgement, and offering thoughtful insights on their individual journey. Gentle involvement and lessons filled with wisdom characterize her sessions. This is an experience well worth attending!" - Peter

"All of my journeys have given me guidance and strength. I thank you for showing me how to tap into myself. It is enriching! We agree that your warmth and compassion are equaled only by your knowledge." - Patsy

"This experience has not changed my personal beliefs, but has enriched them. It allowed me to put in motion an action that would change my life. It chose me when I opened myself to receive." - Diana