As an Empathic Medical Intuitive, Laurie sees the physical and emotional energy patterns of a person through intuition. Intuition is the immediate knowing of something without the conscious use of reasoning. These patterns contain life events and biology of an individual. Knowing the connection to the lesson being offered by life's challenges, is a means to self-understanding and development.

As an Energy Healer and Counselor, Laurie encourages the true essence of each person to full awareness and potential. It is the state of the dis-ease that forces us to learn how to change in order to heal. This integration and development of the mind-body, is an essential expression for personal health and well-being.

As a Spirit Medium for what lies beyond our visible world, Laurie communicates with family spirits, aiding for some in their healing process. Knowing that death is not the end of existence, but a bridge for deeper understanding.

Laurie works individually or with communities of young people, businesses, and the medical field, offering programs specifically designed for self-development, empowerment, direction, and healing. Presently she is working with a gynecologist helping women to take an active role in the understanding and healing process of their lives. With a heightened awareness, we are "honoring our whole being". Visit her other website at: Phone sessions also available.

In 1989 Laurie and her family, became ill after building a new home. Finding no solutions with traditional medicine, she explored different holistic modalities. She discovered Homeopathy for her own healing and became a practitioner. Her introduction to the spirit world and her new gifts appeared while living on a Native American sacred burial ground. For the next 10 years this was her experiential classroom.

She has studied with many indigenous shamans and medicine people from all over the world. Laurie has always had an appreciation for the Native American cultures having been born in Great Falls, Montana.